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    Être defines your existence in a paradigm of flux driven towards fashion’s dire need to breed, and yet be mirrored by its roots. We, at Être, carve a design for your desire of the niche, and deliver what we comprehend as art.

    The brand designs for the woman of spirit, vision, desire, class, passion and taste, offering a contemporary mix of fashion trends, cocktailed with a strong base of classics. Each design is drafted post an indulgent synergetic view of the timeless coupled with the present, adding fresh shapes and colors, thus, defining a coherent level of detail.

    Visually, handbags and technology accessories by Être are meant to please women with covetable, contemporary, versatile, and refreshing tastes in color and design.

    Physically, the brand guarantees quality leather, procured from suppliers guaranteeing quality and make. Our production team comprises a set of professionals working with a single goal in mind – to craft perfection.

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